Tuesday, November 13, 12:00 p.m.
Gallery 1922
Columbus Building
United States
November 11- 17
Reception: November 13, noon
Gallery 1922
Ceramics Department
Columbus Building
Daniel Robles
Ana Buitrago
Bo Hye Mo
Kaitlyn Ferruggia
Griffin Callahan
Andri Kidd
Yili Peng
“He sees two colours where we see one, and he has in consequence developed for his own use two words 'red1’ and 'red2' to mark the difference…But none of this tells us what we really want to know about his colour experience. There is something about it we don't know.”  - Jackson, Epiphenomenal Qualia

As beings in the world, even if we share general life experience, we do not really know what it is like to be in each others minds. From the article above written by Jackson, we draw the color ‘red’ as the most generalized thing that we all sense, but in fact, the ways we perceive it could be diverse. In the show, we are presenting works related to not only ordinary ideas around the color but diverse interpretation of the color ‘red’.

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