Re: Working Labor

Curated by Ellen Rothenberg and Daniel Eisenberg
Saturday, September 21Friday, November 22

Curated by SAIC faculty members Ellen Rothenberg and Daniel Eisenberg, the Re:Working  Labor exhibition was developed through a two-year research process in collaboration with  re:work, the IGK International Research Centre “Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History”  at Humboldt University in Berlin. The project included an international symposium in fall 2018  at SAIC and culminated with this fall 2019 exhibition. 

Daniel Eisenberg 2019, The Unstable Object (II), Düzce, Turkey, 2016.

These anchor works were supplemented by a series of smaller scale projects in counterpoint.  Many of these projects came out of the research undertaken during the symposium included  contributions by artist teams Josh Rios, Anthony Romero, and Deanna Ledezma; Julia Pello and  David Hall; John Preus working with local high school apprentice/collaborators, and the Chicago based Sweetwater Foundation; Caroline Woolard and Jessica Cook-Qurayshi; and individual  artists Nneka Kai, Carole Frances Lung, Stephanie Rothenberg, and Gregory Sholette. These  additional projects provided a complex web of associations and interweaving concerns.

John Preus, Stoop Culture, 2019 with video by Riar Rizaldi, Kasiterit, 2019. Photo: Tom Van Eynde, 2019

Screening Curators: Aily Nash and Andrew Norman Wilson
Curatorial and Exhibition Coordinator: Trevor Martin
Exhibition Design: Steven Plaxco
Programming Directors: Hannah Barco and Lauren Steinberg
Curatorial Assistant: Almudena Caso Burbano
Graduate Curatorial Assistant: Monica Rose Morris
Production Assistant: Julian Flavin
Designer: Sonia Yoon

Special thanks:
Jeff Armstrong
Martin Berger
Amy Beste, Senior Lecturer, Art History, Theory and Criticism
Ethan Brown
Tom Buechele (BFA 1989, MFA 2017)
Andreas Eckert
Pablo R. Garcia, Associate Professor, Contemporary Practices
Sarah Gardner
Allison Green (MA 2009)
Tamer Hassan
Armin Hayrapetian 
Scott Hendrickson
Felicitas Hentschke
Sarah Hicks (BFA 2005)
Mary Jane Jacob, Professor, Sculpture and Director, Institute for Curatorial Research and Practice
Shaina Lund (MFA 2014)
Irmi Maunu-Kocian
Frédéric Moffet (MFA 1998), Associate Professor, Film, Video, New Media and Animation
John Pack
Julia Pello (MFA 2017)
Andrea Pierro
Petra Roggel
Bert Schlingmann (BFA 1996)
Patrick Spence
Cole Stallard
Gretchen Talbot
Elissa Tenny
Quang Tran
John Tully
Jeff Ward (MFA 2002)
Marjani Williams
Bree Witt
Katie Wood 
Emilie Yardley-Hodges (BFA 2015)
Kate Zeller (MA 2008)

Additional special thanks to The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation Staff, Sauce and Bread Kitchen, and to the dedicated staff and student teams who support the exhibitions and programming at the SAIC Sullivan Galleries.

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