Performance 2nd Year Grad Talks

Friday, November 08, 4:15 p.m.
Neiman Center
United States

Kevin Norris is a visual artist working in live performance, video, fibers, drawing and art history. His interdisciplinary practice investigates contradictions within the body's ability to perform in a social and theatrical context. 

As a performance maker and cultural organizer, Ali Asgar Tara utilizes body, space and personal narrative (archive/language/history and identity) to create political, site responsive and community base cross-disciplinary collaborations to transform and reread the pre-existing forms and dimensions of space and social events. Asgar's practice brings together art, activism, and research, drawing on their experience within the LGBTQ community in Bangladesh and transnationally, and opening new ways of thinking with questions of trauma and of pleasure, of travel and of xenophobia, of home and of love.


Join us on November 15th for grad lectures by Hongjia Lin & Sami H. Ismat and on November 22nd for lectures by Melody Takata & Jinlu Luo.