Paul Andrew Wandless Artist Talk

“Narrative Art & Story Telling: Using your voice through your work”
Thursday, April 18, 12:00 p.m.
280 S Columbus Room 109
United States

Stories, myths and musings have long been the subject matter for artworks that resonate well past the time period in which they were created.  There’s an almost primal appetite, to digest information this way.  Written content forms a strong connection when brought to life through clay, stone and paper.  Ideas, characters, events and places are easily seen in our minds’ eye.  But when words are physically manifested through artworks, our imagination becomes tangible and real.  

As an artist, craftsman and writer, I strive to engage and inform the viewer both visually and intellectually from my point of view that’s been filtered through my own personal experiences.  I hope to leave the viewer with something to think about or a sense commonality with what is being communicated through my work.  This happens through a shared visceral experience between myself and the viewer, with my artwork acting as the opportunity and vehicle for this to occur.

Born in Miami, Florida and raised in Delaware, Paul Andrew Wandless currently lives and has his studio in Chicago, IL. His work utilizes the figure as a point of departure for visual narratives.  Ceramic processes and printmaking techniques are combined to create clay prints and clay sculptures.  Wandless also works directly in other mediums such as printmaking, stone carving, mold making, metalsmithing, wood carving and painting.  His art has been exhibited in museums and galleries since 1995, is collected privately and publicly and is published in 16 books.

Wandless authored Image Transfer On Clay, 500 Prints On Clay, Image & Design Transfer Techniques and co-authored Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques.  He’s a contributing author in 10 clay technique books and has written 28 published articles. Wandless holds a MFA degree from Arizona State University, an MA degree from Minnesota State University-Mankato and a BFA degree from University of Delaware. 


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Image of the artist's work
Aowyn and Haymen: Unexpected Companions Clay Monotype, Paul Andrew Wandless