Parlor Room Faculty Series: Sonja Thomsen

Monday, April 11, 5:00 p.m.
In person: 280 building, room 127
United States

Sonja Thomsen (b. 1978) is an American artist whose multifaceted practice choreographs light in space, photograph and sculpture.  Thomsen is a woman working in abstraction, trained in the sciences, whose practice is beguiled by the plurality of light.  Thomsen’s installation practice creates space for wonder as a radical way to imagine post-patriarchal futures. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Studio Art from Kenyon College and a MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has exhibited with Bauhaus Archiv Berlin, Soccer Club Club Chicago, Higher Pictures NY, DePaul Art Museum, Center for Photography at Woodstock, the Reykjavik Museum of Photography, New Mexico Museum of Art, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Gallery f5,6 in Munich among others. Sonja Thomsen is a member of the international photography collective Piece of Cake Collective. Thomsen is an Assistant Professor, Adj. in the Photography Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 


Check out her website here. Her work is currently on view at the 062, check it out in person until April 10th!