Oblivia lecture and discussion

Monday, February 18, 12:00 p.m.
MacLean 2M
112 S Michigan Ave
United States

Oblivia is a Finnish, Helsinki-based performance company. When Oblivia was founded in 2000 we asked whether it was possible to create high quality experimental performances working collectively in a friendly, respectful and light atmosphere, paying everyone, and regarding the organization behind as important as the artistic work. It was, very possible. Today Oblivia creates 1-3 performances a year with an international cast. The performances deal with big themes like nature and technology (Nature Theater of Oblivia, 2017), financial structures and money (Children and Other Radicals, 2018), time, loss and death (Light & Easy, 2019) or as in the upcoming performance Verdrängen, Verdrängen, Verdrängen (2020): repression and dislocation.

In this talk we will be discussing the premises for Oblivia’s work today and what we understand by the different concepts that are present in the work.