Nancy Shaver

Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts: Visiting Artist and Scholar Series
Tuesday, July 26

The democracy of art, say like the democracy of reading, remains ever paramount  to me.  The equality of the author, subject and reader interests me and is a model for my work. There is an equality in the distribution of power, that offers subject matter, author and the reader working together to release an energy of thoughts.

 Wanting to be an artist, being an artist. For fifty years I have used the vernacular, mass-market object and the hand-made as the site for my work.  I would like the work to slip between boundaries, from a recognized use in the world to another experience of thought or pleasure.

 Color is the vehicle for this change.

The vernacular object, the subject, can become a marker for reflection on  experience.  We are mass-market consumers.  But as well, we are people of all stripes, who desire to make things with our own hands.

This is my field.

Context defines.  Can context shift sideways as well as up and down? In my 50 years of art making, this has been a primary concern.  Context need not be narrowing. There are a billion threads. billions of objects, billions of thoughts, I am a part of it all.