On Inclusivity and Unimagined Types: Reconsidering the Design of Higher Education

Presented by Dr. Margaret Price, Ohio State University

Neiman Center, 1st floor

Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 4:15pm

In this talk, Margaret Price draws upon 10 years of research to consider ways that disability is included--or not included--in higher education settings, such as in classrooms, meeting spaces, and extracurricular activities. Price argues that true inclusion of disability will mean more than simply designing a "welcoming" environment or adding extra supports. Instead, it will mean rethinking many of the structures that we've come to rely upon in higher education, so that we are not merely including disabled ways of moving, thinking, and creating, but consistently expecting them. Speaking from her personal experience as a former student and current faculty member with disabilities, Price offers an accessible introduction to "academic ableism," and also offers practical suggestions for how to implement those theories in the everyday life of teaching and learning.