Hidden Gems: Creepy Crawly Picture Files

Flaxman Library Exhibit
Monday, October 19Tuesday, December 01
Pile of picture file images with the text "Hidden Gems: Creepy Crawly Picture Files" and "October 19-30" overlaid on blue ripped paper.

 Explore a selection of creepy critters from the John M. Flaxman Library picture files! The picture files are a hidden gem in the library, which was started as a resource to help folks find images before the advent of image searching online. Take time to consider how labels were applied and organized in a physical system by looking at the tag on these items. How are images today similarly treated? Have you ever looked at tags on Instagram images? What alternate tags might you apply to these if they could exist in more than one physical file? Consider these questions while you discover more images from the picture files in the cabinet located in the back of the library. They are available for any SAIC community member to use!