Grad Talks: Jeff Hung, Michael Orr aka orr, Zetian Xu

Open to SAIC faculty, students and staff only
Wednesday, April 05, 4:30 p.m.6:30 p.m.

Please join us in MacLean 1307


Jeff Hung 


Michael Taylor Orr (orr) is a nonbinary, neurodivergent interdisciplinary artist who uses a combination of painting, illustration, animation and installation to express abstracted narratives. Their work investigates the transformative qualities of identities through the manipulation of bodily form melded within the environments they are subjected to. The erotic self, mortality, and gender visually influence these half-awake cadavers that exist either confined within the canvas or in the flesh as performance.

Zetian Xu is a filmmaker, screenwriter, editor, he plays with light and shadow, doing magic on screen based on the Phi phenomenon at 24 frames per second. Throughout his career, he tries to use genre film types to build a fictional narrative that everyone can enter, and use different genres to attract audiences, so that more and more people can pay attention to the ideology and social issues behind the movies.