FVNMA Grad Talks: Iréne Niké Alberty Cardona, Oona Taper

Open to SAIC Faculty, Students, Staff only
Tuesday, November 08, 4:30 p.m.6:30 p.m.

MacLean Building, Room 1307

Join us for the first of this year's Film, Video, New Media, and Animation Grad Talks on November 8th!

Iréne Niké Alberty Cardona is a multimedia artist working with video installation, soft sculptural objects and the instances where both meet. Fostering conversation between the screen and its skin, she fuses fiber and video into one single, breathing texture. Intervening and sampling found footage, family archives, and fiber techniques, Iréne examines the heartbreak of colonization, plays with spirits, and explores the dusty corners of memory.

Oona Taper is a multi-media artist working with film, installation, and animation. She is invested in materiality and the handmade, using materials as symbols that are in themselves expressive. She creates liminal spaces between tangible objects and the smooth, virtual world of video. She pulls together hand-drawn ink animations, screen-printed videos, films that she processes herself and dyed chiffon to create densely-layered multivalent visual poetry. Her work uses chance, entropy, and decay to describe everyday hauntings, forgotten ephemera, and mundane apocalypses.