Faculty Projects

Friday, September 16Saturday, October 15
The image depicts an array of concrete tiles arranged in a grid-like composition. Each tile has a smaller concrete object molded in concrete on top.
Michael X. Ryan, Hidden Crater - Submerged - Shift 1-4, 2016

Faculty Projects is an annual exhibition that presents work by SAIC faculty who have recently completed sabbatical leave. By sharing their current work with the school community, faculty can communicate how their research, projects, and practices relate to the local, national, and international art and design communities.

Featuring work by Werner Herterich, Doug Huston, Claire Pentecost, Dan Price, Tyson Reeder, Richard Rezac, Michael x. Ryan, Jim Trainor, Amy Vogel. 

Organized by Graduate Curatorial Assistants Zoe Carlson (MAAH 2017), and Máire Witt O’Neill (MFA 2017).