Cicatrices: Works by Sally J. Morgan

Saturday, January 30Sunday, February 14

Cicatrices are marks resembling scars, especially when caused by the previous attachment of an organ. In this exhibition, Morgan explores traumatic states of memory as moments of metaphor and affect. Included are a series of works arising from her father’s untimely death from a brain tumor. He has been a bomb-aimer in WWI and spent his last days reliving wartime. Also presented is a performance piece that mines her childhood experience of near drowning as a powerful analogy for the vulnerability of lovers on the brink of commitment. Drowning/Undrowing, by Morgan + Richards, will be performed on February 3 at Sullivan Galleries with Jess Richards.

Sally J Morgan, A Life in Diagrams (details), 1993-1994. Photo by Lisa Stertz, 2016.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with IN>TIME 2016 A Winter Long Performance Festival for Chicago, curated by Mark Jeffery.