BFA Writing Program Reading

Saturday, May 09, 5:00 p.m.7:00 p.m.

Graduating students from SAIC's Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing program present their work in an exciting virtual evening that includes texts generated in traditional as well as hybrid and experimental forms. Experience fiction, nonfiction, poetry, scripts, electronic media, and performance as you've never heard or seen before.

Please click this link to view the event on YouTube

BFAW Senior Thesis Reading Order

Leila Wilson, Associate Professor, Adj.

Jake Fournier, Instructor

KC Smith
Excerpt from The Catacomb Boys, Episode 2: "In Loving Memory of Misery"

Kaitlin Weed
Beer, Water & Honey

Joe Starling
"A Death the Ground Remembers"

Julia Hornedo
"Walking the Left Hand Path"

Kate Walton
"Milk Teeth"

Sammi T. Hom
"Blue Streaks"

T.A. Harris
Excerpt from Cake & Co. "Johnny Go Lately"

Sophia Speranza
"Dear Mom"

Marisa Ferreira
"Recently Remembered Voices"

Ian Wenzel
"Raised by Guns"

Nathaniel R. Pitchan
"1038 mph"

Claire Bentley
"Danny's" from "How to Go Out"

Joshua Plekkenpol
Selected Poems from "Body of Water"

Sally Alatalo, Writing Program Chair
"In Closing"