Jonas Becker Penultimate presentation

Wednesday, March 10, 4:30 p.m.

Jonas Becker, Assistant Professor of Photography presentation on the occasion of his Penultimate Review towards Tenure in the Department of Photography

Assistant Professor Jonas Becker explores the intersection of belief, power, and land. His recent projects draw attention to interrelated histories, examining the ways in which systems of power place value on the body and the resource-rich landscape. In this penultimate tenure presentation, Becker will discuss the larger trajectory of his work, including projects across photography, video, sculpture and performance.

Becker has exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, LAXART, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography. He is the recent author of “A Hole is Not a Void: Extraction, Addiction and Aesthetics,” in The Opioid Epidemic and U.S. Culture (WVU Press: 2020).

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