B’Rael Ali Thunder

PTDW Grad Noontime Lecture Series
Monday, October 21, 12:15 p.m.1:00 p.m.

280 S. Columbus Dr., Room 319



I am a painter, poet, dancer, curator, and educator from the South Side of Chicago. In my art and collaborations across platforms, one medium inspires another, forging connections across traditional boundaries through rhythm, the metaphor and synchronicity.  I use rhythm to curate my multi-discipline performances and creative arts events. I work for Illinois Humanities Envisioning Justice as a teaching Artist, gear toward creating programming that is responsive to the school to prison pipeline and the youth's experience with violence. Growing up on the South Side, I excelled in a historic style of dancing known as Chicago footwork, a local tradition rooted in the history of house music and My Grandmother gifted me with poetry at a young age.  Over time, my love of dancing mixed with my love of painting, and I began to use dance in my paintings as a symbol for movement, action, and change. Narrating with my spoken word poetry in gallery shows, murals, and diverse events over the last several years, I have exhibited painted portraits of local dancers battling and overcoming historic and contemporary struggles.

Currently I am a Resident Artist at the South Side Community Art Center, Curator and the Production Assistant at Luxe B Studio producing weekly events and developing a multifaceted arts Internship program, A Links Hall Co-Missioned Artist and am in my final year of Graduate School at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Master of Fine Arts Painting and Drawing.


Image Details:

Mix Media Rhythm works from first year grad SAIC, large, Record, Cds, cassette tapes, clocks, and oil paint, 2019