Before and After Image

Flaxman Library Exhibit - 6th Floor Sharp
Wednesday, December 23
Detail from work by Ali Kelling.

Decolonizing Time Travel / Fall 2020
Instructors / Josh Rios & Nicole Marroquin

For this exercise participants engaged images found in digital or personal archives/collections through a set of creative of prompts:
Respond to the image poetically
Respond to the image historically
Describing how the image sounds
Describe what happened before the image
Describe what happened after the image
Write a counter image
Write a narrative based on the image
Describe what the image wants
Describe why the image exists
Create dialog within the image
Make what is missing present
Write the image a letter
Combine any of these prompts
Make up a new prompt

Click here to view the PDF packet of work.

Sydney Anderson
Beatriz Beckford
Elise Butterfield
Jayleen Del Valle
Marisa Ferreira
Katie Giritlian
Ali Kelling
Amélie Pascutto
Clau Rocha
Rain Shanks
Maco Soto
Kim Upstill
Yiran Zhang