2nd Year Photo Grad Presentations - Weinstein Fellowship Lecture

Friday, December 11, 1:00 p.m.
United States

This series of artist talks given by our second-year graduate students offers an opportunity to gain insight into the individual artistic production of each student.


The presentations are part of the application process for the James Weinstein Memorial Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded to one graduating graduate student to support photographic work for Spring Thesis Exhibition.The James Weinstein Memorial Fund for Photographic Artists at the School of the Art Institute was established in 1994 by the family and friends of James Weinstein to honor the accomplished and esteemed photographic artist.

1:00 PM     I    ARDA ASENA

My practice focuses on the connection and disconnection between mind and body, and how social and psychological stresses of a repressive society affect the physicality. Through my work I attempt to expose alienation in modern sexuality and be an audience to my unknown.  I look at the cyclical pattern of deconstruction and reconstruction of identity and the liminal space of its survival and revival.  I consider my work to have a form of psychological release, giving access to the unconscious and questioning the familiar.


In her talk "Witness Marks," McCullough will explore the lasting legacy of stories and the knowledge which gets passed down through generations. Using alternative processes, analog methods, and material manipulation, she examines folklore and ghost stories as they appear in the current day and age. 


Alayna N. Pernell’s practice is currently revolving around two questions. What can visual art tell us about the depiction of Black women throughout visual art history? How have those negative depictions of Black women led to their lack of mental and physical care? Pernell will share her practice and ongoing research concerning collections featuring Black women held at the Art 
Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Photography. 

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