2022 MAAE & MAT Thesis Symposium

This symposium will feature student projects from the Masters of Art in Art Education (MAAE) and Masters of Art in Teaching (MAT) programs.
Monday, May 09Thursday, May 12

Join via Zoom

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Join us for an exciting week of discussion around pedagogy, art, politics and practice as students share experiences with teaching and learning in public schools, museums, with diverse communities and beyond.


All events will be held virtually at the following link: https://saic-edu.zoom.us/j/6116260149

View candidates' presentations on YouTube at the following link: https://bit.ly/3LPiGyb



Monday, May 9 • 12-1 p.m.

Power Pedagogies: Creative Curriculum Design and Distruptive Praxis

This panel is composed of educators and artists that are engaging in critical pedagogy that interrogates power, decolonized formal and informal curriculum, and classroom spaces through curricular design that allow for autonomy, choice, exploration & experimentation, and self-determination.

Panelists: Holly Abney, Beatriz Beckford, Marissa Katz, Gray Spangler

Guest Moderator: Essence-Jade Gatheright


Tuesday, May 10 • 12-1 p.m.

Engaging the Environment

As our students emerge from the cocoon of quarantine, educators seek to reconnect them to the natural world and each other, and help them recognize their agency in shaping their environments. In this panel, art educators reimagine relationships to materiality, the environment, and our communities through place-based art education, art, and the digital commons. Panelists will share their work done in schools and in nonprofits with artists, educators, and students to address social and environmental issues through art practices.

Panelists: Matthew Bush, Anna Chapman, Olivia C. McLean, Gladys Puente

Guest Moderator: Lauren Bon


Wednesday, May 11 • 12-1 p.m.

Curious Communications

Communication is an integral part of human life. In the field of education, communication is vital and can be found in many different forms: dialogue between students and teachers, between class subjects, and even as an art form itself. In this panel, graduate students explore this communicative exchange, as well as what happens when communication falls through and the humorous consequences that can follow.

Panelists: Nicole Abanador, Catherine Barry, Nicole Caggiano, Natalia Marra

Guest Moderator: Deborah Portman


Thursday, May 12 • 12-1 p.m.

For Your Consideration: Exploring Cultures of Empathy and Care

In this panel, research topics explore how different cultural norms connect us with a focus on care and empathy. Artists and educators in this panel developed projects concerning: mental health within Korean culture, hair in connection to one’s identity, sensory awareness and accessibility, craft-making as fostering radical self and community care, and presenting marginal culture in education. All of these topics we present For Your Consideration.

Panelists: Jessica Chang, Imani Davis, Heather Hill, Emily Prescott, Ting Ting Sha

Guest Moderator: Rohina Hoffman