Fashion Body Garment 2020 Alumni Panel

Wednesday, November 11, 6:00 p.m.

It's been a decade since The School of The Art Institute of Chicago's Fashion Department launched its graduate program called Master of Design, Fashion, Body & Garment.


We are extremely proud of its success, but even more by its growth.
The program keeps evolving as the world keeps changing ensuring its relevancy to our creative future. This dynamic quality is what keeps it fresh, exciting, and always BOLD.


As an artist, educator, and activist it has also been an incredible opportunity for me to spearhead this program. It has gifted me with a plethora of amazing young creators who are quickly becoming the next leaders in the field of fashion, art, education, politics, and parenting.
I could not be more proud of each and everyone's success to date and look forward to your future development via whatever road you choose next.


- Nick Cave

Please join us to virtually celebrate our alums with a panel led by Nick Cave to discuss their trajectories from graduate studies to their unique careers as artists, designers, educators, and creative forces in the fashion industry and art world.

Join us via Zoom | See our Panel of Alum