COVID-19 Dashboard - Fall 2020

COVID-19 Dashboard

SAIC has created a dashboard to help assess current practices and protocols, paying careful attention to the health and safety of our community. SAIC’s COVID-19 Monitoring Team (CMT), in consultation with Dr. Terri Rebmann, reviews the following campus-specific metrics listed below and the City of Chicago’s case numbers and recommends appropriate operational changes to School leadership.

This dashboard reflects the data from SAIC's fall 2020 term and includes totals from August 15 (the first date students were on campus) through December 31. For spring term data, click here.

Total Positive Cases August 15–December 31






Approved Visitors

Not all cases will necessarily have occurred on-campus and may not present any risk of transmission to the broader SAIC community. These figures do not include cases reported to SAIC where the individual has not been on campus since August 15.

*Employees include staff and faculty, as well as contracted staff doing business on campus.