Teacher Programs: Art History

Installation with laptop and books in foliage by Tim Mullane from APSI 2020

Tim Mullane, 2020

APSI Art History will be offered on-campus in 2022.


Session 1

August 1-4, 2022

Monday–Thursday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. CT
Registration deadline: July 8
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Program Fee: $1,320—Includes one graduate credit and all AP* course materials.

Optional Housing: $500 —See more information here.
If you choose to live in SAIC housing, move-in will take place between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m CT on Sunday, July 31. All students must move out of campus housing by Saturday, August 6, by 10:00 a.m. CT.


The AP* Summer Institute in Art History at SAIC, a lively, energy-renewing workshop led by master teacher Marsha Russell, is chock-full of strategies enabling teachers of every experience level to strengthen their expertise in the AP Art History classroom. We mine the artistic riches of Chicago’s world-class museums as we do all we can to help you help your students. We explore teaching methods aimed at enriching the visual lives of your students and helping them succeed in the course, on the AP* exam, and beyond. We will investigate the course updates of 2019, including extended Art Historical Thinking Skills and associated changes to the AP Exam, and we will look at the 2022 AP Exam free response questions as we discuss how to help our students write about art with intelligence and sophistication. We will look deeply at the list of 250 required works, learn more about less familiar works, examine online resources, and study approaches for helping students do effective independent research. We will enhance our own knowledge of the global cultures represented in the course as we investigate course-related artworks in the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum. We will explore various models for organizing the course while addressing the course audit and sample syllabi. All week long, we will study models of effective, innovative teaching and seize every opportunity to investigate and share best practices, enrichment activities, and materials. You will receive a treasure-trove of resources for teaching the course, including Marsha’s editable PowerPoints, syllabus, discussion questions, and other materials.

Program highlights

  • Access to the world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago and its encyclopedic collection of classical, modern, and contemporary art.
  • On-site viewing and discussion of original works of art usually seen only on classroom screens and in textbooks.
  • Opportunities for sharing teaching strategies with peers from across the country in SAIC's classrooms and the Art Institute's galleries.
  • Access to Chicago's acclaimed architecture, monuments, public artworks, and vibrant cultural landscape.
  • Accommodations in SAIC's residence hall in the heart of downtown Chicago, just steps away from the historic lakefront and the celebrated Millennium Park.

Art History Consultant Faculty

Marsha Russell

Marsha Russell has been teaching AP* Art History at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas, for the past nineteen years, following ten years at Austin’s A. S. Johnston High School. She founded the AP* Art History program at both schools and was the first to teach the course in the Austin metropolitan area. She has served as a College Board consultant, conducting teacher training events across the nation since 2002, and she has been an AP* Art History examination Question Leader, Table Leader, and/or Reader since 2003. In 2009, she was one of four high school faculty representatives to the College Board colloquium for college art history professors, and her address to the group, “AP Art History: The Keystone of the High School Curriculum,” is published on the College Board course webpage. She has served as a consultant for Prentice-Hall, the Florida Virtual School, AP* Strategies, and ArtStor, and she wrote a Course Planning and Pacing Guide for the AP* Art History course that was launched in 2015. Grant support has enabled her to do AP* Art History course-related study travel in India, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Japan, and Mexico.

Marsha and SAIC provide the very best support and facilitation for AP Art History teachers at any level. This was a life changing experience!
- Past APSI Art History participant

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