Summer Institute Residency: Faculty

Open, Challenging, and Confrontational–in the Best of Ways.

ECP Summer Institute faculty are experienced, acclaimed artists, designers, scholars, industry influencers, and innovators.

Faculty teach students how to think visually; how to draw with charcoal or a digital tablet; how to sculpt in plaster, pixel, or even time; how to clearly express themselves; and how to understand artists, writers, and thinkers. Faculty help students acquire and refine technical and conceptual abilities and challenge them with new ideas that will take their work in new directions.

"The instructors were some of the best I ever had. They encouraged and pushed everyone to their fullest potential."—Gianna Bishop, student

A conversation with ECP Summer Institute instructor, Snow Yunxue Fu

ECP Summer Institute: What do you feel are the strengths of the ECP Summer Institute program?

SYF: The ECPSI program provides a college level experience for high school students in preparation for their future pursuits in college. It is a safe environment for young students to experiment with new ideas and mediums, and be exposed to a wide range of influences and art practices both through class activities and their engagement with artists and art organizations in Chicago such as the Art Institute museum.

Bio: Snow Yunxue Fu works in video, 3D animation, installation, and sculpture. Fu's work engages in a Kantian quest to capture the experience of the sublime through the limited means of human consciousness. Fu exhibited her work internationally and nationally in the Hong Kong Arts Center, Yellow Peril Gallery, Expo Chicago, Digital Cultural Center in Mexico City, Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, Chicago Artist Coalition, Chicago Filmmakers, Kunstahalle Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art, MoMA PopRally Online Screening, NURTUREart Gallery in Brooklyn NY, TEMP Art Space in New York, The Gallery C Space in Beijing, Prak-Sis New Media Festival, Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, West Village Art Gallery in Chengdu China, SIMULTAN Festival in Romania, and 9:16 Film Festival in Australia.

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A Conversation with ECP Summer Institute Instructor, Pete Fagundo

Peter Fagundo

ECP Summer Institute: What do you think students can get at SAIC that they cannot get elsewhere?

PF: A voice in the conversation at the edge of art today...

ECP Summer Institute: How do you view your role as instructor in the ECP program?

PF: Great teaching is asking questions, listening, and telling stories. As artists we have unanswerable questions. We may listen with our eyes and see with our hands. Our stories don't give answers, they clarify the questions.

Bio: Pete Fagundo has taught in SAIC's ECP Summer Institute since 2010 and in the undergraduate degree program since 2008. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; and the Microsoft Arts Collection, Seattle, among others. Fagundo shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise with ECP Summer Institute students each year where his studio and teaching practices merge. 

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