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Great Artists Need Amazing Tools

We want you to explore your ideas in all mediums and we provide you with a dizzying array of equipment to bring them to life. You become a more complete artist by engaging with processes of the past while simultaneously learning the practices of the future.

Serving a population of more than 4,000 students, SAIC is one of the most well-appointed schools of art and design in the country. The facilities and equipment outfitted in our buildings provide the resources you need to produce work that follows an idea across media. Our Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) office and Ox-Bow School of Art offer you additional opportunities to gain hands-on experience in off-campus settings.

Basic Facilities Available to Every Student

Wood, Metal, and Digital Fabrication Studios 

  • Modern stationary shop tools including table saws featuring the SawStop fail-safe technology
  • Arc, MIG, TIG, and Oxy Fuel welding equipment
  • Fully equipped casting and mold-making facilities
  • Generous array of hand tools available for equipment loan
  • Tool demonstrations and workshops for users of all experience levels

General Access Computing

  • Campus-wide wireless network
  • Latest model Apple computers in classrooms and labs
  • 3D Printing on PLA plastic
  • Desktop and handheld 3D scanning
  • Flatbed, negative, and slide scanning in labs
  • Black and white laser, color-laser, and wide-format inkjet printing
  • Digital video editing stations
  • Two laser cutters able to cut flat materials, including: acrylic plastics, woods, paper, fabric, and engraving some metals
  • High-end 3D printers able to produce objects in ABS and PLA plastics, polypropylene, and paper
  • A variety of tabletop and handheld 3D scanners for creating digital models from existing objects which can be used for 3D printing or animation and model display

Service Bureau (Professional Digital Output Center)

  • Exhibition quality large format archival inkjet printing
  • Print capability onto various materials, including photo and fine art papers, canvas, vinyl, and more
  • Multi-color Risograph printing on a large variety of papers
  • Professional quality photocopying and finishing, including book binding, laminating, stack cutting, vinyl cutting, grommeting, and folding

Media Centers

  • Equipment loans to students including digital video and still cameras and lighting and sound kits
  • Loans of interactive, video, and sound display equipment for long-term shows in SAIC galleries, including computers and video/data projectors
  • Training and support materials to aid in equipment use

Some of the many exciting things you can get your hands on include:

  • Digital SLR (DSLR) cameras for both still digital and HD video production, including the Canon 60D, Canon 7D, Canon XF300
  • Phase One 65+ medium (4x5) format cameras with Digital Back and Profoto Acute 2R lighting systems
  • The Laser cutter (available in the Advanced Output Center) moves along a precise vector path to create cut-outs of digital graphics
  • GoPro HD cameras for fast and fun shooting
  • Hasselblad Flextight Imacon film scanners and the Creo iQsmart3 flatbed scanners are popular for manipulating and printing images
  • Epson 4900 printers for making high quality prints
  • The Jacquard loom, in Fiber and Material Studies, provides digital production of computer design in weaving
  • A Blaauw kiln (Ceramics) allows digital control of temperatures for precise glazing
  • GigaPan robotic camera control system (Art and Technology Studies)
  • MakerBot 3D printer (available in Contemporary Practices)
  • Mcor 3D printer to produce 3D objects in full CMYK color

Career and Professional Experience (CAPX)

Resources available through the Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) office include a job database; advisors who can help you find opportunities for exhibitions, employment, and fellowships; and workshops in networking and job search throughout the year, specifically geared toward graduate and undergraduate students. SAIC Internships is the most successful art-related internship program in the nation, giving students the opportunity to gain work experience while earning credit toward their degrees. 


A serene artist colony and retreat center located in Michigan, Ox-Bow offers graduate students the opportunity to experience artmaking in a non-institutional, yet rigorous, academic environment. Students can take one or two week intensives for credit and non-credit in a variety of studio areas.