Self-Service Reprint and Refund Policy

Please see below to determine if your print job is eligible for a reprint/refund, and then fill out the request form underneath.

Please note: All requests are subject to approval, and you must submit your request within 24 hours of experiencing a problem. If your request is approved, we will provide a reprint whenever possible; otherwise we will issue a refund. ARTIPrint jobs are only eligible for reprint, not refund.

Eligible for a reprint/refund:

  • The job did not print after you swiped your ARTICard at the pay station
  • The printer ran out of ink, toner or paper before your job completed
  • There are defects in your print caused by the printer
  • The Printer had a paper jam or other malfunction 

Not eligible for a reprint/refund:

  • You tried to print a page size that was A3/A4 or a custom size not designated by our printer drivers
  • You sent your job to the wrong printer
  • You sent the wrong number of copies to the printer
  • The color range or density of your print does not match what was on your monitor, or is otherwise different from what you expected 

If you have an issue that is not listed above, please submit a reprint/refund request and we will address it on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions about the self-service reprint/refund process, please contact us at

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