Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fashion, Body, and Garment: Curriculum Requirements

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fashion, Body and Garment is a 30-credit hour program that helps students who already have a bachelor's degree develop a portfolio for the fashion design field. Read on for the coursework required to complete this certificate.

Term Credit Hours
Summer Intensive  6  
  • FASH 5101 Design Studio I (6)
Fall Semester  12  
  • FASH 5110 Design Studio II (6)
  • FASH Elective (3)


    FASH 3021 Fashion Intensive Portfolio (3)
  • ARTHI 2566 Survey of the History of Dress


    ARTHI 4560 Defining Contemporary Dress (3)
Spring Semester  12  
  • FASH 5130 Design Studio III (6)
  • FASH Elective (3) OR

      FASH 3021 Fashion Intensive Portfolio (3)
  • ARTHI 3567 Dress and Society (3) OR

      ARTHI 4562 Shape of Contemporary Dress (3)
Participation in two Graduate Critiques   
Total Credit Hours 30  

Certificate requirements and specifications

  1. Curriculum: The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fashion, Body and Garment program is designed to be a full-time, three-semester program. Any exception to this requirement must be approved by the program/department chair and will only extend to one full calendar year.
  2. Full-time Status Minimum Requirement: 12 credit hours

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