GIRC: Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Critique


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February 21, 2018

GIRC: Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Critique

"Getting to know each other happens in an organic way, but making it intentional is a big part of what you can get from SAIC." -Libia Bianibi

The goal for these meetings is to foster discussion and get to know each other’s interests, helping realize the Arts Administration and Policy program’s objectives by acting as a hub for exchange and learning. This acts as a space to explore collaboration that continues past the classroom, one that isn’t trapped within the confines of a specific coursework.

The Birth of an Idea

The GIRC meetings started out as a conversation between Libia Bianibi (MAAAP, ‘18) and her colleagues, Nicolas Rodriguez (MAAAP, ‘18) and Carlos Salazar Lermont (MAAAP/MAAH, ‘19).

“In this program, we are encouraged to do more than what we are working on for our classes,” Bianibi said of the Arts Administration and Policy program.

Bianibi, Rodriguez, and Lermont started to compile a list of MA students who they thought would be interested in either presenting, giving feedback, or just knowing what other students across departments were working on.

“It's not about creative output, but actual research-based work. Not just papers, it's not about critiquing or talking about the form. It's not about work that is shown, but rather the problems you're engaging with.

The Pilot

GIRC Small Group

"In order to get started, we need to have a pilot. I was happy that we got about ten people, and there was a lot of involvement in each other's work," Bianibi said of the trial meeting. "It was apparent what the needs were. Some people wanted to work through their ideas or be questioned about their ways of thinking to help develop their projects further."

A test run was held on Saturday, December 2, in the third floor conference room of the Sharp Building. Four students presented current projects: Alden Burke (MAAH, '18); Jameson Paige (MAAP/MAAH, '18); Qais Assali (MAAE, '18); and Micco Capporale (MANAJ, '18).

"It is a representation of what being an arts administrator is about," Bianibi said. "Organizing, curating, and bringing together to get a larger scope and look at what's going on. Collaboration is key."

The following dates are set for GIRC: February 24, March 24, and April 21, from 4:00-7:00 p.m. in MacLean Center, Room 707. Presenters will be named in advance of each session.

*If you would like to present, please send a page or two of your work with a summary of your project, a brief description of the kind of feedback you're looking for, and the dates you'd like to present ranked in order of preference to

Bianibi is also responsible for organizing the latest collection of works in the Office of the President and Provost, curating the Wabash Window Project, and is a Graduate Curatorial Assistant in the Department of Exhibition & Exhibition Studies.

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Reported by Mallory Somera (MANAJ '18)