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Design for Nonhuman Kinds: Toys for Elephants

Design for Nonhuman Kinds is a course series that asks students to think “outside the human,” by decentering human perception and subjectivity in favor of animal thinking. Design for Nonhuman Kinds: Toys for Elephants challenges students to design and build cognitive tools – “toys” — that enrich the lives of elephants in captivity by engaging their behaviors, cognitive thought processes and perceptions. 


Graduate Professional Practice Seminar, Spring 2019

In this course, we will work together to examine and expand on our aspirations as professional artists, while preparing for the practicalities that artists face upon leaving graduate school. We will map the realities of a globalized art/world with a particular interest in how artists position themselves as individual members of a larger community network. 

Graduate Division

Museum Education Graduate Scholars Seminar, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

This two-semester long seminar and practicum in museum education—a collaboration between the museum and School of the Art Institute of Chicago and intended for both artists and arts professionals in-training—provides practical work experience and theoretical grounding in the multi-faceted practices of museum education.

Graduate Division

An Inside Look at Physical Documentation

These students' pencil-on-paper drawings of the Junior League of Chicago will be transferred to sheets of Mylar and housed in the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) collection of the Library of Congress for 500 years.

Historic Preservation