James McManus

Writing Program

I write short stories, novels, poems, essays, scripts, memoir, journalism, and history, and I enjoy working with students interested in any of these genres, especially those who want to set the bar high and find a wide audience. My goal is to help them write publishable and/or producible work. This can be achieved in a variety of ways but usually involves a lot of revision to make sentences more clear and precise.

I’ve published eleven books, and my work has appeared in Harper’s, The New Yorker, New York Times, This American Life, Poetry, The Believer, Atlantic Monthly, Paris Review, Harvard Magazine, Best American Poetry, New Directions in Prose and Poetry, Irish American Poetry From the 18thCentury to the Present, Best American Sports Writing, Best Erotic Writing in Modern Fiction, and other anthologies. 

As a teacher, I’ve worked with Sandra Cisneros, David Sedaris, Daniel Borzutsky, Anchee Min, Sara Hess, Jeffery Renard Allen, Beth Kohl, Baird Harper, Adam Novy, Zach Dodson, Samantha Peale, Kyle Beachy, Eric Lebofsky, Gabe Bump, Sofya Karash, Rebecca Keller, Patty Cottrell, and many other young writers