Undergraduate Overview

The Sound Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) offers a unique opportunity to study sound art and experimental music in the context of an art school. The program goes well beyond the boundaries of a typical degree program in visual art, music, or multimedia.

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As a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) student, you are free to pursue a wide variety of courses that cover topics such as:

  • Audio creation and recording
  • Music composition in numerous genres
  • Live performance, improvisation, and audio installation
  • Sound integration with video, film, performance, and web-based art
  • Designing and building software and hardware instruments
  • Live and recorded electroacoustic music
  • Use of distribution technologies such as radio, Internet, and others

The program's studio offerings are complemented by courses in the history and theory of sonic arts, physics, acoustics, electronics, and traditional music.

Faculty includes internationally renowned specialists in composition, improvisation, computer music, sound installations, radio art, cognitive psychology, instrument design, critical theory, curatorial practice, and software and hardware development.

At the end of each semester, students are invited to participate in Waveforms, a presentation of work including performances and video.