Kevin McGrath (MFA 2019) and Yu Nong Lin (MFA 2019)

Sound Department Colloquium Series
Wednesday, October 10, 4:15 p.m.5:45 p.m.
MacLean Center, Room 522
112 S. Michigan Ave.
United States
Sound Dept Colloquium Series


Kevin McGrath, is an artist who watched a movie last night where the footage was obviously shot on some expensive HD camera, but a filter was used to replicate the look of VHS tape. It wasn't convincing. Kevin is currently working with sound as it pertains to music performance and music composition. The guitar is central to Kevin’s performance practice, and he is half of the free-improvisation duo Lin and McGrath, whose other member is the musician Yu-Nong Lin. Kevin is currently working on collecting and designing sounds and technologies that are not the product of a perfunctory use of some proprietary technology, but are a unique creation, or are of a unique relation, to the artist himself. This is in order (as best as possible) that Kevin does not become the instrument of some teleological aesthetic of ubiquitous technologies.

Yu Nong Lin is the musician and composer from Taiwan. She has been worked many interdisciplinary works with Chinese orchestras and dance company in Taiwan. Yu Nong currently engages in solo Pipa improvisation and experimental composition. Her project also collaborates with artist and guitarist Kevin McGrath as a music improvisation duo Lin and Mcgrath. In Yu Nong’s music and sounds, she focuses on the relationship between her body movements with her instrument Pipa. Her performance involves music, sounds, silence, extended techniques, movements, light and shadow. Also, in Yu Nong’s composition, she explores the meanings and expression of words themselves, and also how visualize her musical imagination through reflecting on music sheets via drawing.