Meejung Soh


artist work

Meejung Soh is a multidisciplinary artist who explores cyclical relationships among objects through materials such as ground stones, and branch ashes.

She is currently pursuing her MFA degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Sculpture department and previously received her MFA degree in 2018 from Seoul National University in the Oriental Painting department. In 2015 she earned a double BFA degree at Seoul National University in Oriental Painting and Visual Communication Design. She received the Samuel and Blanche Koffler Travel Scholarships (2019), Belonging and Compassion Grants (2018), the President Prize of Seoul National University (2015), the 34th International TAKIFUJI Art Awards (2013), and Seoul National University Graduate Exhibition Special Award (2013). Past exhibitions have included Emerging Illinois Artists at the McLean County Arts Center in Bloomington, Illinois, U.S.A. (2019), Zeitgeist Bauhaus 100 at the ackerstraße 18 in Berlin (2019), The Evolution of Collaboration at the Hanwon Art Museum in Seoul, Korea (2018).

Caption: <Something to Something>, Painting and Installation using the Stones near the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between two Koreas, 48 x 78 in, 2018


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