L Koo


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L Koo is a contemporary artist whose work explores the relationships of light/lightness, the manifestations of spaces made external, and the weight found between places. Raised in Northern California, she is heavily influenced by the quality of light found in that region, and it is light which is the predominant driving factor in her work. Primarily working as an installation based artist, she constructs deceptively simple pieces from elements of photography, light mapping, sound, paper and porcelain, amongst others, which reside chiefly around issues of space, time, and fragility. Solo exhibitions include her recent installation at Jack Straw Cultural Center (2018; Seattle) at GLASSBOX Gallery (2016; Seattle), her work was also included in group shows at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (2018; Chicago) and Out of Sight (2016; Seattle), among others. She earned her BFA (2015) from Cornish College in Seattle, Wa and is a current MFA candidate (2019) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she currently lives and works.


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