Jacobo Zambrano

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Born in Caracas, Venezuela. BFA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies (Emily Carr University of Art and Design 15'), SOMA academic program 18' (México). Currently an MFA Candidate at SAIC. Exhibitions in Canada, México and USA.

My practice exists at the intersection of many contexts. At a conceptual level I’m interested in the possibility for a new language that presents itself as disobedient and conditioning when confronted with hegemonic perspectives of history. Through a close examination of historical narratives specifically in the context of the discovery of the so-called “New World” and the subsequent episodes around the construction of the notion of power (power dynamics between Global North and Global South) , scientific practices such as biology and anthropology are indispensable in formulating a critical discourse capable of questioning their meaning and purpose in relation to colonization and modernity.
Nature as an epistemic field represents a common ground where western and non-western ways of knowledge clash and generate critical discourse. Our relationship to nature, territories and geographies are central to this debate and to the notion of cultural hegemony and decolonial aesthetics.

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