Ashley Pastore


Ashley Pastore

This work opens a realm of conditions and expands from that point. As an observer I am collecting things that are leftover - residue. To me, they are markers of time used to create a conversation about the vastness of the ideas and experiences that make up the human condition. The objects that exist around human routine have been my focus recently. I have been examining how these collections can be both specific and also universal.

The human routine can create a string of objects that help to express the ways in which beings spend and experience their time.

I am interested in portraying aspects of common life which may be relatable for many people. Through the use of dust collected from the happenings of daily life within a person’s home, the miniscule particles that accumulate become markers for the kind of life that one lives. Dust being something that collects within all of our lives, it is in a way something that we all have in common. I want to emphasize the fact that we all have things in common while at the same time are totally unique. This also reminds us that none of us can escape death and the flowing back into the energy that makes up the entire universe. 

I believe dust to be a representation of the interconnectedness of the entire universe. There are miniscule pieces of our physical selves existing everywhere at all times and through this idea I am trying to conceptualize whether this could mean living forever or not. Through the magnification of objects I hope to create space where I am able to both zoom in and also step back, feeling the greatness that is the universe while also accepting that this is something I will never fully understand.

Disclaimer: All work represents the views of the INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS & AUTHORS who created them, and are not those of the school or museum of the Art Institute.