Maggie Crowley + Javier Bosques, Produce Model, Chicago

Printmedia's Fall 2017 Visiting Artist Lecture Series
Tuesday, October 03, 9:15 p.m.10:15 p.m.

Columbus Dr. Building, Room 203

United States

How do artists maintain and mediate their ideas without compromising their practice? As an artist-run gallery, PM was formed in an attempt to protect and celebrate the creative process that is unique to visual artists. In addressing (colliding with) art market trends, PM's curatorial practice operates to shift the focus of exhibitions away from surface and commercialization and toward meaning and ideas.

Crowley and Bosques founded Produce Model Gallery in February of 2016 Produce Model places special interest in presenting curated exhibitions at the service of the Chicago community. PM is committed to bringing artists from varied backgrounds together as a means of creating individual and collective agency. As an artist-run space, PM Gallery maintains a concentrated sensibility for production, time and ideas.

Produce Model Gallery
Produce Model Gallery