Xavier Robles Armas

detail of artist's work

Xavier Robles Armas (b. 1991 Zacatecas, Mexico) is a Chicago-based artist, curator & educator. He works with ephemera and found objects and utilizes photography, sculpture, installation and social practice as his primary mediums. Raised in Southern California, Robles Armas’ practice takes influence from the social and environmental landscapes in which he was raised. He is fascinated by the rhythms and textures of labor that produce spaces of excess and luxury juxtaposed with the domestic and banal rituals of the everyday.

Robles Armas’ received his BA from Hampshire College in Architectural Studies. His research oscillates and builds on his understanding of geography and architecture to further explore notions of touch, energy, cities, industries of production, value, and micro economies. Such are addressed through formal qualities in the ways objects are assembled and come together to and allow for exchange. In accumulating ephemera he produces cartographies of place and belonging that further exemplify a bicultural upbringing—a touching, melting, and melding. The bicameral lens in which he operates traverses the socially and politically implicated subjectivity of power and distorts and fragments it through collaging “ordinary” materiality.

Robles Armas has had opportunities to show, teach, and curate both nationally and internationally. Most recently, his work was featured at the Universita Ca’Foscari in conversation with the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale as well as in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan. Additionally, he has curated shows, led youth workshops and has taught alternative education in the San Francisco Bay Area and in his hometown of Santa Ana. He curates and produces an ongoing publication entitled Paleta: a space for queer bois of color.

Robles Armas is a second year MFA candidate in Photography at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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