Visiting artist: Marisa Zanotti

In Conversation with Mark Jeffrey
Wednesday, October 19, 9:30 p.m.11:30 p.m.
MacLean Building, 112 S. Michigan Ave., 2M Performance Space
United States

Marisa Zanotti is an award winning artist-researcher. Her directing and writing practice is informed by her background in performance, choreography, theatre and installation practice. Over 25 years she has consistently explored new technologies and the body, initially in relation to their role in live work and most recently in transmedia work The Pan's People Papers. She is a specialist in adapting and directing dance for the screen and has adapted work by Lea Anderson and Ben Wright. In 2012 she developed the UK's first choreographic Web App for phones and tablets. Marisa's film work is regularly screened in festivals, recently her documentary Edits Film, adapted from Lea Anderson's work Edits, was shown in July at the Curious? Festival at BALTIC in Newcastle. Marisa will be an artist-in-residence at The International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago in October. She is based in the dance department at University of Chichester. Her practice-led doctoral research argued for screen adaptation as away of revealing unique thinking by choreographers. Marisa has a long term collaboration with the editor Ian Ballantyne. She is currently working with composer Matthew Whiteside and Magnetic North on an AV collaboration We are All Made of Stars.

The Pan's People Papers is a Transmedia project by writer-director Marisa Zanotti and choreographer Lea Anderson responding to the work of the american choreographer Flick Colby who worked in Britain founding the seminal 1970's dance group Pan's People who appeared weekly on the BBC programme Top Of The Pops (TOTP) . Pan's People were a unique cultural force in the UK, famed for their sexy dancing as much as the slickness of their routines. However following the revelations around the BBC presenter Jimmy Savile and other BBC personalities of the 1970s the project presents "papers" in different mediums, films, animations reconstructions, essays and a three day work on social media. The Pan's People Papers can be described in the terms of the artist Jonathan Frame as a kind of "cultural enquiry" into events at the BBC in the 1970s. Marisa Zanotti will be speaking about The Pan's People Papers, working in Transmedia and her residency at The International Museum of Surgery.

The Pan's People Papers was commissioned by South East Dance for Brighton Digital Festival 2015 and supported by Arts Council England Grants for The Arts, University of Chichester and422.TV.