Propositions #4: Domingo Castillo + Jesse Malmed

Performance Visiting Artist Lecture Series
Tuesday, October 10, 9:15 p.m.
MacLean Center, 112 S. Michigan ave., #2M
United States
Domingo Castillo
Domingo Castillo

Domingo Castillo: Performativity and Grace: Beyond Thunderdome

Slackers, Suckers, Swindlers, Space Kadets, Pookieheadz, and Acid Casualties are some titles we may be given or choose to take as our endless attempts to find an an exit. Let us not forget that to truly exist is the only way out of practically any situation. This talk is an anxious attempt to present a folding of time and space.

Domingo Castillo lives on Earth. In 2010, co-founded the end / SPRING BREAK, a nomadic artist-run project space in Miami, FL with Patricia Margarita Hernandez which included major contributions by Cristina Farah and Kathryn Marks. In 2013, co-founded the gallery Noguchi Breton (F.K.A. Versace Versace Versace F.K.A. Guccivuitton) with Loriel Beltran and Aramis Gutierrez. In 2015 they were joined by Jonathan Gonzalez and together co-founded the design agency, Giovanni Beltran. In 2016, co-founded Public Displays of Professionalism, a transdisciplinary think tank with Alan Gutierrez, Patricia Margarita Hernandez, and Natalia Zuluaga.

Jesse Malmed
Jesse Malmed

Jesse Malmed: When I was in college I once went to a talk on "experimental meta-thesis" which turned out to be about metathesis and I guess most science is "experimental"

Jesse presents a performative talk on talky performances, site-responsive screenings, expansive events and avant-vernacular platforms. Working independently, institutionally and in the cracks between, his curatorial and platformist practices channel surf through talk shows, choirs, sitcoms, temporary construction walls, newspapers, bumper stickers, studio hallways, telephone poles and shower songs, taking each as formal challenges for situational comedy, poetry and collaboration with other artists.

Jesse Malmed is an artist and curator working in moving images, performance, text, occasional objects and Chicago. His platformist and curatorial projects include the Live to Tape Artist Television Festival, Western Pole, Trunk Show (with Raven Falquez Munsell), Deep Leap Microcinema and through the Nightingale Cinema, ACRE TV, Cinema Project, Lasercave and organizing exhibitions, screenings and performance events both independently and institutionally. With a BA from Bard and MFA from UIC, he teaches at UIC and in CPS through CAPE. He opens a show with Derrick Woods-Morrow October 13th at Roots & Culture.