Alin Lu

PTDW Noontime Lecture Series
Tuesday, October 16, 12:15 p.m.1:00 p.m.
280 S. Columbus Dr.
Room 319
United States


Yet there is unsureness in my work that betrays the divided parts of myself. They are expressed as the difference between the surface of a painting and the depth within its image. It is like a screaming conversation within myself between my observations and my understanding. Perhaps I would have my work express these contradictions within me, that it should speak of love and also hate at the same time, a conversation between this or that, a fight, a confusion, a passion, something to be understood as poetry, with the sense of ambiguity we all feel over the complex questions we face in living. I would hope it is all in the painting - there to be seen. There are too many beautiful things and touching sentiments in this world, just as there are infinite colors and forms that I can create and load into my language of art. But the underlying reality lies just beyond color and form, and that is what I hope to express.