New Arts Journalism

New Arts Journalism (NAJ) students develop skills and projects across a variety of media, working as writers, designers, editors, and producers to creatively engage with the broader issues of contemporary culture. 

Graduate Applicant Info Session: Choosing Your References

Tuesday, September 28, ​12:00 p.m. CT

Meet with graduate admissions to talk about who to select, how to contact them, and when to start the process.

Combine in-depth knowledge of the arts along with the study of the rubrics of journalism

As a student, you will also have the opportunity to work closely and collaborate with artists, art historians, cultural theorists, and art critics, exploring innovative ways of communicating contemporary culture.

Writing-intensive curriculum

SAIC's Department of New Arts Journalism provides you with the necessary skills and interdisciplinary experiences to succeed as an art and design journalist for magazines, online publications, trade journals, radio and podcasts, newspapers, blogs and social media platforms, graphic novels, and more.

The Flaxman Library houses more than 100,000 arts and humanities volumes and 400 magazine subscriptions.

Multimedia Journalism in the Heart of Chicago

The program helps aspiring journalists write reviews, essays, interviews, and feature stories, and examine the contexts of investigative reporting, the opinion piece, the documentary, and the critical essay in the context of art. With a multitude of print publications, galleries, creative organizations, and museums, Chicago's art scene serves as a laboratory for research and networking. The city's major media and communications center provides you with many options for your required second-year internship, in which you will combine your study of art, design, new media, criticism, and 21st-century arts journalism with practical, professional work.

Professional Opportunities After Graduation

MA in New Arts Journalism graduates have applied their education in a variety of ways.

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