Multiverse: Facts, Fictions, and Fantasies

Thursday, August 28, 11:00 p.m.
United States

SAIC's Earl and Brenda Shapiro Center for Research and Collaboration presents an evening of cosmology in collaboration with COSMO 2014 and the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago. The "multiverse" theory posits that our universe is but one of an enormous number of separate and distinct universes. Artist Anna Von Mertens will discuss her textile compositions that use computer programs to accurately map out the rotation of the stars and planets; SAIC Professor Kathryn Schaffer will discuss projects and insights that bring together cutting-edge cosmological science and art and design students; and Julie R. Amrany and scientist Emil Martinec will discuss their collaborative work based on black holes. University of Chicago's Michael S. Turner will moderate a provocative discussion on the multiverse with panelists: Raphael Bousso, a theoretical physicist at University of California, Berkeley, Eva Silverstein, a MacArthur Fellow at Stanford University, Jeff Harvey, a string theorist at the University of Chicago, 2014 Kavli Prize winner Andrei Linde from Stanford University, and Rocky Kolb, Dean of Physical Sciences at the University of Chicago.