Colliding Art and Science

Particle physics and architecture at Fermilab and common research methods in art practice
Tuesday, February 24, 10:30 p.m.
United States

Artist Meghan Moe Beitiks (MFA 2013), physicist Sam Zeller, and docent Anne Mary Teichert will discuss neutrino research at Fermilab, America's premier particle physics laboratory, and common methods of research in art and science. Beitiks' exhibition Observations of Final States in Interactions (WaterSteet Studios, Batavia, IL) challenges the conventional division of visceral art practices and rational scientific study by finding a shared subject in neutrinos research at Fermilab. Teichert will discuss the founding director of Fermilab, Robert Wilson, the physicist and sculptor who designed the iconic building and embedded the science campus with a sensibility only visionary artists could provide. Zeller will discuss the deep implications of neutrino research and what physicists use to answer questions about how the universe began.