Bioart, Ecoart and the Spaces In-Between

Friday, March 27, 9:15 p.m.
United States

Visiting artist Kathy High and SAIC professors Eduardo Kac and Andy Yang will discuss their work at the intersection of art and biology in a panel discussion moderated by Heather Dewey-Hagborg. High's work pursues queer and feminist inquiries into areas of bioscience, science fiction, and animal studies, and she will present on her creative work in the field of biological art. Kac will discuss his work, Natural History of the Enigma, which centers on a genetically engineered flower that is a hybrid of the artist and a petunia. This new flower expresses Kac's DNA exclusively in its red veins. Yang explores the interweaving ecologies of the natural, cultural, and biohistorical. Dewey-Hagborg is known for her provocative interventions examining biotechnology and privacy.

Presented by Conversations on Art and Science and Bioart Colloquium.