SAIC Design @ Homan Square

AIADO 4101 001 (2524)

Faculty: Eric Hotchkiss

Wednesdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The SAIC Design @ Homan Square class operates as a "pro bono” design consultancy for residents of the North Lawndale neighborhood, offering solutions for a broad range of matters that residents bring, matters, both simple and complex. The objective of the class is not to produce "objects," but actionable solutions. While these solutions may take the form of built objects (i.e. community meeting/gathering space, public seating, etc.), they may also take the form of social programming or campaigning (i.e., classes, social events, social media campaigns, fundraisers, etc.). The class meets at SAIC’s Nichols Tower facility in Homan Square and satisfies SAIC’s Off-Campus study requirement. The Fall 2018 class focused on researching and proposing design solutions. The Spring 2019 semester will focus on the further development, detail design, and implementation of those solutions.