Folding Flying Fanning & Forming Workshop Led by SAIC's Linda Keane

May 5, 2017

Crumple paper and make a building.  Fold mountain and valleys to raise its flatness and encircle it into a freestanding column. Change the geometry from orthogonal to diagonal and transform quarter, half and three-quarter rounds into a fan, a tall cone, and circular pavilions. Look for patterns in nature to find geometric forms and design with paper across scales. Capture nature's verbs and transform their gesture into spatial configurations. Make progressive folds, add thrust and lift to fly planes of different technical abilities. In the final folding magic, use linear and diagonal geometries shifted through translational symmetrical folding and complete binary bug lamps!  SAIC, STEAMpop Australia, CCAIA mentors, and Chicago Public School Jameson Elementary 6th Grade Girls discover's PaperPaper FoldingPaper Engineering Journeys and learn about taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary!