Human Resources: Spring Design Symposium

Tuesday, March 08, 6:00 a.m.Friday, March 11, 6:00 a.m.
LeRoy Neiman Center
37 S. Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL
United States

Events organized by visiting full-time faculty in Architecture and in Designed Objects: Ann Lui, Sara Huston, Eric Ellingsen, Samuel Stewart-Halevy

Tuesday, March 8

We Make the Road by Walking
Nico Dockx, Lydia Kallipoliti, Matthew Jesse Jackson, Joseph Grigley, Eric Ellingsen

We make the road by walking is conversions on how learning learns. How is all pedagogy political? How is education entangled in structural systems? What is an education experiment? How can institutions of students, faculty and administrators make the road by walking, as Paulo Frerie and Myles Horton say. In other words, how can we as architects, as artists, as designers render the world more real, rather than produce renderings of the world.

Wednesday, March 9

Design Pessimism
Sara Huston, Melissa Orlie, John Paananen, Stuart Sim, Bess Williamson

Confessions from the Anthropocene
The Last Attempt at Greatness: Sara Huston, John Paananen

In today’s complex world society’s optimistic outlook needs to be challenged. Is it reasonable to think that we can ‘make things better,’ or is a pessimistic approach more realistic?  Can design play a role in the acknowledgment of our global SNAFU?

Thursday, March 10

Globaloney: How the Sausage is Made
Aneesh Aneesh, Hannah Frank, Asha Schechter, Samuel Stewart-Halevy

How is the sausage made?  From the postwar animation studios of Mexico City to home offices in Slovakia and the call centers of Gurgaon, this panel brings together an array of documentary, ethnographic, and historical accounts of outsourcing and file exchange in the related fields of animation, architecture, and stock digital modeling.  In presentations and discussions, the speakers will address the ways that images and language circulate through the channels of international subcontracting while questioning longstanding assumptions about integration in global production.

Friday, March 11

Life After Participation
Markus Miessen, with Mitch McEwen and Mechtild Widrich

The Uncomfortableness of Getting into Bed with Others
Future Firm: Ann Lui, Craig Reschke

In the wake of critiques of “participation” as a both dangerous and potent methodology in art & architecture, Markus Miessen will speak on his work, theories, and provocations from his latest book Crossbenching: Toward a Proactive Mode of Participation as a Critical Spatial Practice. Following, architect Mitch McEwen and art historian Mechtild Widrich will present their work and responses, complicating the conversation; the day’s events will take place on a “participatory” architectural intervention by Future Firm, “The Uncomfortableness of Getting Into Bed with Others.”