Graduate Student Lecture: Joyce Safe Lee

Thursday, March 16, 5:15 p.m.6:00 p.m.
LeRoy Neiman Center
37 S Wabash
Chicago, IL
United States

Please be advised that Joyce's thesis is case sensitive to those who were involved in the participatory process of her material prototypes. All are encouraged to come to the public critique during the Design Show where detailed questions may be answered.


The relationship between synthetics to the natural is rich in questioning the constant development of technologies and intentions behind artificial innovation. Currently inspired by Monsanto's ties with Disney, and American Viscose Corporation, "Architectural Cocoon" is a body of dimensional work integrating living, synthetic, and organic materials. Research behind the complex history of agricultural practices, permits investigation of ethical positions and influences in future speculations of synthetic and the natural. 

Joyce Safe Lee: Within an emerging artificial practice, articulated by collaboration, material research, and design observations, Joyce is a textile artist and multi-dimensional designer with a current interest in adapting herself in positions of engaging socially and synthesizing all forms of knowledge. By utilizing bio-materials,collaboration,data, textile technologies, environmental details, and personal understanding, she travels through complex dimensions and devises several possibilities spatially within materials. Joyce recently graduated from SAIC (Fiber and material Studies '14) and is a current SAIC MFA candidate in (AIADO - Design for Emerging Technology '17). She has exhibited internationally - Poland, China, Netherlands, Sullivan Galleries, a participant in MOMA's Bio design challenge, a past Shapiro and current Net Impact Fellow.