AIADO Grads acknowledged for social justice theses

July 20, 2017
Derar_Social Justice AIA announcement
Derar Alchikh Ibrahim's project: Resilient School for Migrant Population

The Chicago Chapter of the American Institute of Architects chose social justice theses from three SAIC students as meritorious. Derar Alchikh Ibrahim’s Resilient School for Migrant Populations received a 2nd place award and Sara Noemi Pena Sahad and Lorenis Janet Rosario Salgado’s Breaking the Cycle prison reform received an honorable mention. 

Derar's transportable expandable, modular school can be airlifted to immigration camps to start in situ education for children in transition. 

Sara and Lorenis's approach to reforming incarceration experiences studied existing standards, identified standards that could be ameliorated, and shared strategies for transforming the status quo. 

Student CCAIA awards will be acknowledged at the CCAIA Holiday party Dec. 6.

To read more information about Derar's project click here

Breaking the cycle_Social Justice AIA Chicago
Sara Pena Sahad & Lorenis Rosario Salgado
Derar_Social Justice AIA announcement
Derar Alchikh Ibrahim