Gender and Sexuality

Allison Jenetopulos

The study of the human figure is as old as the act of drawing. Starting in the 1970s, artists like Vito Acconci began to use their own bodies as subject. The 2013 SAIC Visiting Sick Professor Catherine Opie uses her body as canvas in her photographic works. Students who wish to engage with this area of study can choose from a variety of SAIC course offerings that address particular areas of interest within this category such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies or women’s studies. Please see your advisor to discuss related course listings that pertain to this area called Body, Gender, Sexuality.

SAIC is committed to experimentation and to interdisciplinary thinking. The Areas of Study reveal arenas of curricular overlap among multiple departments. The goal of the Areas of Study course listings is to make SAIC’s interdisciplinary curriculum more accessible to both current and prospective students.